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Columbus Memorial

1948 Complete Mint Set of 11

This beautifully-engraved set picturing Columbus and his flagship Santa Maria was issued to publicize the Columbus Memorial Lighthouse near Ciudad Trujillo, Dominican Republic. Although construction began in 1948, the memorial was not completed until 1992! (#490-95, C176-80)


1949 FDR Tribute

Save 40% on this Set of 4 1949 Mint Imperforate Sheets

Franklin D. Roosevelt, our 32nd President, was the only person to be elected to the office four times, serving from 1933 to 1945, some of the most troubling years of the last century. Through a series of innovative and controversial policies, he steered the nation out of its greatest economic depression, renewed national spirit through numerous uplifting speeches, influenced the creation of the United Nations, and led us to victory in World War II.


Celebrate the 135th birthday of one of our most well-remembered Presidents with this rarely-seen set of 4 mint never-hinged imperforate commemorative sheets, each containing 4 official airmail stamps issued by Ecuador in 1949. Listed in European catalogs at $12, you can save over 40% with our special price of only $7.00.


1949 Ecuador FDR set of 4 mint commemorative sheets - regularly $12.00

Kenmore online special only $7.00




Ecuador Portraits - 1901 Mint Set of 7

They don't make stamps like these any more! These beautifully engraved bi-color stamps picture some of Ecuador's most respected leaders, writers and educators including early journalist Eugenio Espejo, author Juan Montalvo and patriot Jose Joaquin de Olmedo. More...

Ecuador Birds - 1958 Complete Mint Set of 4

This colorful set pictures exotic and rare birds found in Ecuador - the blue and yellow macaw, red-breasted toucan, condor, and the unusual black-tailed and sword-tailed hummingbirds. More...