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World's Second Oldest Stamp Set

1841 Great Britain Complete Used Set of 2
Shortly after producing history’s first postage stamps (the Penny Black and Two-Penny Blue), Great Britain released this imperforate pair – two more years would pass before any other nation issued its first stamps! More than 170 years old, this beautifully-engraved set has stood the test of time!

Telling the difference between G.B. #1 (the Penny Black) and G.B. #3 is easy - the "One Penny" denomination was changed to a red-brown color so the cancels could be seen better by Postal workers. The "Two Pence" difference is a little more subtle. The blue G.B. #4 has a white horizontal line above the "Two Pence" denomination.


1937 King George VI Coronation

Complete Collection of 202 Mint Stamps plus Album
The reluctant King! Raised in the shadow of his older brother Edward, George (known to his family as "Bertie") was awkwardly shy, plagued with health problems, and spoke with a stammer. The Oscar-nominated film "The King's Speech" tells the fascinating story of his efforts to overcome his stammer and find his voice, culminating in an inspirational speech to the British people on the brink of war.

Historic Mint First British Coronation Omnibus!
On May 12, 1937, Great Britain and 56 members of the British Empire celebrated the Coronation of King George VI with this attractive collection. After the sudden death of King George V and the scandalous abdication of King Edward VIII, the British Empire gladly accepted the shy, soft-spoken George VI as their new King. This popular Omnibus issue depicts a youthful George VI with his wife Queen Elizabeth, and was surprisingly printed with just a few months' notice. This spectacular mint collection is displayed in a gold-titled album and includes the desirable sets from Hong Kong and Newfoundland!


Legend of King Arthur

1986 Complete Set of 8
Join the Knights of the Round Table and the fabled Camelot with this colorful set from St. Vincent. Includes Sir Lancelot, Merlin, the Lady of the Lake, Excalibur - the sword in the stone and the Holy Grail!


500 Great Britain

500 Great Britain More...

300 Great Britain

Includes Regional Issues from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland! Ranging from the knights of the Middle Ages to the heroes of World War II, this collection is loaded with attractive commemoratives and high values capturing the Royal Family, trains, animals and some of the world’s most beautiful Christmas stamps! More...

3000 British Empire

3000 British Empire More...

1000 British Empire

1000 British Empire More...

500 British Empire

Guaranteed Worth Over $40 at International Catalog Prices! Take advantage of this bargain-priced offer to acquire a treasury of many of the world’s most popular issues! Included are issues from more than 25 exotic nations, Silver Jubilee commemoratives and stamps over 100 years old! More...

300 King George VI Era - (1936-1952)

Over 30 British Colonies Represented More...

200 King George VI Era - (1936-1952)

Ascending the throne after his brother, Edward VIII, abdicated to marry Mrs. Wallis Simpson, George VI reigned from 1936-1952. Most of these finely-engraved issues -- a third from Lost Nations -- feature pictorial scenes with a cameo of the monarch’s head in the corner. More...

300 King George V Era - (1910-1936)

King George V British Empire Collection More...

200 King George V Era - (1910-1936)

King George V British Empire Collection
King George V endured the First World War, the Great Depression, and the growing threat of Nazi Germany during his 25-year reign. In this collection, many of the 30 Colonies consist of Lost Nations such as Ceylon, Gold Coast, Palestine and British Guiana.


10 Canada Queen Victoria

All Over 100 Years Old! Issued between 1872 and 1899, these royal Canadians feature painstakingly engraved portraits of the British Empire's longest-reigning monarch in various colors. You’ll enjoy this fascinating assortment from the bygone, Victorian era! More...



East Africa & Uganda # 53 - Used, VF

1912 5R King George V
Revenue cancel