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1937 King George VI Coronation

Complete Collection of 202 Mint Stamps plus Album
The reluctant King! Raised in the shadow of his older brother Edward, George (known to his family as "Bertie") was awkwardly shy, plagued with health problems, and spoke with a stammer. The Oscar-nominated film "The King's Speech" tells the fascinating story of his efforts to overcome his stammer and find his voice, culminating in an inspirational speech to the British people on the brink of war.

Historic Mint First British Coronation Omnibus!
On May 12, 1937, Great Britain and 56 members of the British Empire celebrated the Coronation of King George VI with this attractive collection. After the sudden death of King George V and the scandalous abdication of King Edward VIII, the British Empire gladly accepted the shy, soft-spoken George VI as their new King. This popular Omnibus issue depicts a youthful George VI with his wife Queen Elizabeth, and was surprisingly printed with just a few months' notice. This spectacular mint collection is displayed in a gold-titled album and includes the desirable sets from Hong Kong and Newfoundland!


1953 Queen Elizabeth Coronation - Complete Mint Collection

Great Britain and 77 Colonies and Dominions celebrated the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II with this extraordinary collection of 106 stamps in 78 complete, mint lightly-hinged sets. This spectacular collection comes mounted in a gold-titled album and contains many colonies that no longer exist such as Basutoland, British Guiana, North Borneo and Sarawak. More...

Princess Diana - Great Britain 1998 Complete Mint Set of 5

Long-awaited Set of 5 Finally Issued! Withheld until Princess Diana’s brother withdrew his objection, these colorful stamps are likely to be Great Britain’s last Diana issue -- and its most popular ever! More...

50 Princess Diana

Princess Diana has become one of the most popular subjects in stamp history. With so many Diana stamps hidden away in private collections, it's remarkable we could assemble this fascinating set. More...

100 Princess Diana

100 Princess Diana More...

100 Princess Diana - British Commonwealth Only

100 Princess Diana - British Commonwealth Only More...

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1982 Lesotho Official First Day Cover!

She used her charm and royal position to make the plight of the less fortunate be known to the world. Help preserve the memory of Princess Diana's compassion and generosity with this large, colorful First Day of Issue Cover from the African nation of Lesotho. Includes three beautiful portraits of the young Princess - all canceled on her birthday on July 1, 1982. Actual size 4-3/4 x 9-1/4 inches.

Lesotho Princess Diana Cover -- Regular Price $9.95
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Africa Honors Diana

1998 Congo Mint Sheet of 6
It was in Africa, and on the plight of its underprivileged, that the Princess of Wales dedicated so much of her energy and goodwill. The Republic of Congo returns the deep affection and honors the memory of a wonderful humanitarian.


Princess Diana

2007 St. Vincent Mint Commemorative Sheet of 4
Diana's devotion for her two sons and her compassion for the less fortunate are clearly visible in this beautiful mint sheet released from the Union Island of St. Vincent on the 10th anniversary of her death. A remarkable woman who was loved throughout the world for her charitable deeds, zest for life and her heart full of smiles. Actual size 4" x 6".


Belize # 430v-37v - Mint NH

1979 Coronation Anniversary
Complete Imperf Set of 8 More...


Cambodia 1956 Complete Mint Set of 6
In an unusual turn of events, Norodom Suramarit succeeded his son as King of Cambodia in 1955 with a brief coronation ceremony. He was crowned a second time a year later in a more lavish ceremony attended by numerous dignitaries and televised throughout the French empire. This scarce engraved set celebrates the 1956 coronation, showing Suramarit along with Queen Sisowath Kossamak. Save $9.00 off its $78.00 catalog value! More...